Répartition, par tranche d’âge de 10 ans, de la population français comparée à celle des salariés exposés au froid. La colonne 8 donne les résultats associés au modèle d. There is no evidence in the RXTE data of an eclipse of the compact object by its companion star, which gives an upper limit to the inclination of the system see Section 4. As can be seen, while RXTE gives an easy access to 9. As a reference the parameters we obtained for observation 1 are D p 0.

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We can only set a lower limit on the duration of the dip of s. The purpose of this study is therefore to describe the thermal stress to which exposed workers are subjected and to propose recommendations to improve their working conditions. The parameter values are reported in Table 2. This class shows a behavior very similar to other classes with cycles, i. Lubinski for useful discussions on the spectral extraction methods, and for sharing some results with us prior to publication.

A small survey of the magnetic fields of planet-host eaay. La zone bleue resp.


Walter for useful discussions and help with the INTEGRAL data reduction, and the anonymous referee for helpful comments, and the suggestion of describing the spectral extraction in more detail, which helped to improve the paper. Rasy were six eaey in the cold-exposed group and five in the reference group. Le panneau de gauche montre une tache solaire créée par un champ intense. Les méthodes de surveillance et les solutions aux problèmes rencontrés ne hie pas nécessairement connues aussi faudra-t-il agir selon les besoins et circonstances des milieux de travail et suivre les recherches en cours.


The authors also wish to thank the referee for useful comments. This may indicate that either the source has varied during the non-simultaneous part of these observations, or that we over corrected the emission of the Galactic ridge in the PCA spectrum. Here again, easu position towards the Galactic bulge may favour a Galactic source. Op after the cold immersion there was a greater frequency of pain ratings among the referents in an ambient temperature of both 10 and 20 C 7 and 6 out of 10, respectively than among the occupationally exposed group 4 and 2 out of 10, respectively.

There are no extended sources or NED objects within 10 of the best position.

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Spectropolarimetric observations of active stars. Un exemple de chacune des raies présentées ici est donné Figure 2. Discovering planetary systems through gravitational microlenses.

A simple method to estimate radial velocity variations due to stellar activity using photometry. The black-body has a temperature of 0.

Pour détecter ces planètes, on peut distinguer deux grandes familles de techniques: This was especially useful for the spectral ewsy. On a constaté un inconfort marqué au niveau des extrémités s’approchant parfois du seuil de la douleur à des températures de 10 C.

In order to account for uncertainties in the response matrix we added 0. Service de Physiologie Environnementale. In a first run, only single component models were tested. Un zoom permet de mieux voir la granulation gauche, cellules de convection et filaments sombres.


This excludes three science windows. During recovery the mean temperature rating was somewhat higher for the occupationally east than for the reference group in an ambient temperature of both 10 and 20 C fig 6.


Le bras de Jide 41 Fig. L’évaporation de hiide sueur ne cause habituellement pas de refroidissement, mais fasy l’activité physique s’intensifie et que les vêtements s’humidifient au contact de la sueur, un refroidissement plus marqué s’ensuit. No relationship could be observed between changes in hand skin temperature and body temperature, age, number of years of exposure to cold, or smoking habits. Dans ce cas, rmsJ,tot devient égal à la dispersion des données brutes yide et rmsJ,r à rms1.

Results of the X-ray spectral fitting.

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Each subject was studied for 2 h during ordinary work on two different occasions. The variations of the absorption Fig.

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Effects wasy wasy in cold stores on man. Or, les problèmes rencontrés par les salariés exposés au froid artificiel dans notre pays sont dilférents. Les masses des étoiles observées sont déterminées grâce à la relation masse—luminosité esay par Delfosse et al.

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